Film Festivals To Go, FFTG is a New York-based film festival marketing and consulting company. 

FFTG Awards is established to provide new independent filmmakers a chance to showcase and brand their films to get attention through an unique online film festival

We are inviting films of all genres for the competition to win awards in various categories. Entries are open for all nationalities. 

Our festival prides itself on its range. All films selected for the festival are automatically eligible for a variety of honors and accolades awarded by the festival and the audience. We watch every single entry, so you can be assured that your film is fully considered. As filmmakers ourselves, we know the amount of work that goes into projects, so for each Officially Selected movies, we lead all selected filmmakers in a meaningful discussion about their process in a (up to) 5 min video that would be broadcast on the official FFTG Awards site www.shreyask4.sg-host.com, YouTube Channel and other Social Media platforms. 

We have a diverse selection committee comprising of professionals from around the world including Architects, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Filmmakers, and VFX Producers who bring a diverse lens of perceptions and experiences through which they watch a movie and each selection is watched in full by our team. We present the Youngest Selection Committee for filmmakers 18 & below.

Our Objectives


Our mission is to enable and empower everyone who has a passion for filmmaking. FFTG Awards aims to present widest choice of content from around the world by providing filmmakers a platform to showcase their stories and connect them with its audience, establish their brand.

Selection Committee

For Filmmakers 18 & Below

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